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Group Treatment of Addiction

Chapter 4 test

Group Treatment of Addiction – Chapter 4
1) Group treatment in this book refers to *
2) Groups work well at the cultural level because they *
3) Psycho-educational groups differ from treatment groups in that *
4) Carroll and Wiggens point out that *
5) The culture of a group includes *
6) Saying early in a group that “Everything said here stays here” is an example of *
7) The major role of an addictions group counselor is *
8) Issues that are highly sensitive such as sexual orientation, sexual abuse or violence are best dealt with *
9) Counselors fear silence in groups because *
10) Format refers to *
11) In a study by Feeny and Dranger, alcoholics rated ______ as the most helpful element of group counseling *
12) All of the following are self oriented and destructed roles in group EXCEPT *
13) Staying in a cognitive and informational channel is a way for clients to *
14) In working at an agency it is important to make sure that *
15) From a motivational point of view, group interventions should be *