Saint Martin's College and Seminary

Case Management From Screening to Discharge

Chapter 6 test

Case Management: From Screening to Discharge- Chapter 6
1) The functions of case management include all EXCEPT *
2) ICMS stands for *
3) IDRC – Addiction Certification Boards limit case management to *
4) One purpose of Screening is *
5) On the C.A.G.E screening tool relates to *
6) Which of the following is NOT part of an Intake procedure? *
7) The Decision Balance Sheet is a tool to help clients *
8) All of the following are Dimensions of the ASAM-PPC EXCEPT *
9) Treatment Planning *
10) Outcome objectives must be *
11) In writing a treatment plan, it is important to *
12) Each contact with a client requires *
13) The “O” in the acronym for S.O.A.P. stands for *
14) Resources and services can best be facilitated for clients by *
15) The four major researched high risk relapse situations are *