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"Grant that I am human, that I hurt, that I can cry. Not that I not ask alms in sham gone hollow, nor cringe outside the loud and sumptuous gate, admit me to our mutual estate." Gwendolyn Brooks


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Saint Martin's College and Seminary

P.O. Box 100410
Milwaukee, WI 53210

Phone or Fax: 414.247.1451


  • American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders
  • American College of Counselors
  • Christ Catholic Church (Diocese of Boston)
  • NAADAC: The Association for Addiction Professionals #709
  • American Academy of Health Care Providers #12-3310
  • Israel Certification Board of Addiction Professionals #B-2846
  • Wisconsin Department of Safety & Professional Services
  • Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling, Inc
  • Oklahoma Drug and Alcohol Profession Counselor Certification Board
  • Nevada Drug & Alcohol Certification Board
  • Pennsylvania Certification Board (AODA Counselors)
  • International Council of Community Churches
  • Southern Episcopal Church, USA

Notice to Professional Counselors: 
    NBCC ACEP: St Martin’s College will no longer offer credits effective   March 25, 2016.